Jan 24, 2023

Our House Cuisine

Balcary Bay has gained a reputation for our enthusiasm for sourcing outstanding quality food ingredients and then following through in the kitchen using traditional cooking methods to capture the natural flavours which arise naturally from fresh produce. In particular we avoid chemical flavourings, colourings, pre-prepared batched dishes, the use of plastics in the cooking process and using easily oxidised low price cooking oils. Our accent is on healthy tasty foods and our motto is simple, – only cook what we wish to eat ourselves. Although our food source cost is higher, we believe the enhanced natural flavours and superior nutritional value is well worth the effort. By avoiding more economic processed foods, bulking agents and artificial additives, our cuisine is also a far healthier option and results in a natural anti-inflammatory diet as well as exhibiting full natural flavours of fresh foods together with herbs and spices, some of which are grown in our garden.
Our Head Chef/Owner, Diana, is also a qualified nutritionist and, as well as bringing a health kick to our Menu, she also brings a number of favourite traditional Scottish recipes as well as her delicious native Shanghai dishes. Our main Dining Room Menu also has some “Health Options” which are diabetic friendly and Coeliac friendly dishes. Also, our super tasty desserts including sugar free/gluten free options have become a well known feature of the Hotel.
Diana will often add a number of “Diana’s Specials” to our Menu which have proven very popular and, as a Keto Chef, she enjoys adding some super flavoursome Ketogenic and Low Carb dishes. Because we cook to order, please feel free to request in advance any special dietary needs such as gluten free or vegan etc., preferences.
Vic is our Hotel Sommelier and is pleased to assist with pairing dishes to complementary wines. As well as serving wines by glass, we have an extensive International Wine List as well as a more compact Proprietors List of Vintage and Grand Cru wines.
Diana, Vic and our team hope you enjoy our Menu selection as well as your overall holiday experience at Balcary Bay Hotel.