Jun 7, 2021


Main Dining Room Menu

Featuring Super Health Food Selection

Designed by our nutritionist for full flavour fresh locally sourced foods and for healthy living.  Most dishes are organic, gluten free, low carbohydrate, with no added sugars/ chemicals/ preservatives. Many dishes are also Keto friendly high density nutritional foods relevant for sustained good health, digestive sensitivities and for dietary treatment and management of common inflammatory disorders such as; diabetes 2, osteo-arthritis, cardiovascular health, high blood sugar induced dementia, etc. 

Luncheon: 12.00 – 2.30                                                                         Dinner: 5.30 – 8.00 

Updated June 1 2021


Soup of the day (using home prepared stocks)                                                      6.50

Mixed Olives & Feta cheese brown sourdough bread                                           6.95

Avocado Mixed Leaf Salad dressed with organic olive oil &                                  9.50

organic vinegars

Extras:   + grilled local free range chicken breast                            5.00

               + organic local eggs                                                           3.50 

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato Salad topped with                                    12.50

Organic extra virgin Olive oil & Basil (optional: with aged

Balsamic vinegar)

Chicken liver parfait                                                                                                 10.50

Smoked haddock and Scallops gratin (DBB 5 pounds surcharge)                     15.95 

Langoustine Marie Rose Cocktail (DBB 5 pounds surcharge)                            17.50       


Main Courses

Scottish Seared Scallops, with nettle puree and vegetables a la grecque                  25.75

(DBB surcharge 5 pounds)              

Grilled Scottish wild salmon with super food salad                                                      23.75

 Grilled Monk Fish with hot potato salad                                                                          25.95

(DBB surcharge 5 pounds)

Duck Breast ondive and wild mushrooms                                                                        23.50   

 Grilled Langoustines with chilli garlic butter & Fries                                                        29.75

(DBB surcharge 5 pounds)          

Daily Special:

Hot and cold Local fresh Seafood Platter for 2                                                               58.00

((DBB surcharge 20 pounds)

Side Dishes

Grilled Mixed Mushrooms, in organic butter                                                       7.95

Oven Baked Black Kale Chips with organic coconut oil                                       4.50

Creamed Spinach & Asparagus                                                                          7.95

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Wedges with organic coconut oil                              4.50

French Fries                                                                                                          4.00                               


NY Baked Lemon Cheese Cake with raspberries                                            7.50

Chocolate Panna Cotta                                                                                    7.50

Fresh Cream Mango & Mixed Berries Cake                                                    7.50

Affogato 1 shot espresso with vanilla ice cream                                                7.50

Affogato with Brandy                                                                                       15.00

((DBB surcharge 20 pounds) 

Local Cheese Plate                                                                                           15.50

(Resident surcharge 5 pounds)                                        

Aged cheeses. Oat biscuits, Celery, Walnuts, Grapes, Galloway raw honey


Diana’s Dietary Powerhouse Supplements 

Immortality Tea; organic Jiaogulan Herbal Tea infused                                              15.00

with naturally sourced NAD for support of mitochondrial

longevity function (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Daily Health Mix, meal replacement nutrient dense,                                                    28.00

Vegan high fibre, Keto friendly mix for support of gut microbiome

health.  Very filling

(Optional topping of Berries, Coconut flakes, organic Pumpkin

Seeds and organic Macadamia nuts or Pecan nuts)

Herbal Green Mix for liver detox and thyroid support and                                              16.50

adrenal function, with nutritional yeast topped with

extra virgin Olive oil and Coconut flakes. (Cheesy and

nutty flavour)