Mar 23, 2021


BALCARY  BAY COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL is pleased to introduce a Keto – Autophagy Long Fast Menu

The well known dietary benefits of Keto are magnified when coupled with intermittent fasting of 16+ hours, – with actual fasting duration dependant on your comfort and health condition. The fasting period is between an early 4 course Keto dinner and is followed by a later 3 course Keto breakfast using nutritional dense foods.  This event also suits Low Carb people who do not wish to go full Keto.

The Keto/Lo Carb fast induces more efficient cellular autophagy which detoxifies the body from damaged/aged cells which have ceased functionality, clog the system and drain energy, – the so called unhealthy “Zombie cells” which circulate in excess in most adults.  These cells are often oxidized which can cause damage to other cells as seen with cardio-vascular disease, etc.

A Health talk is included in the package to assist with people new to Ketogenic diets plus a Q&A session.

The Menu is an optional participation for hotel residents as an alternative to our regular menu.  For residents wishing to engage in 2 or 3 nights Keto/Lo Carb fast experience, the menu changes each day. Non participating residents may also opt for the Keto desserts which are Lo Carb, gluten free and are zero added sugar.

We only use fresh organic/traditional farmed produce and meats/fish and we include a vegetarian option. Tasty Keto desserts, herbal teas, Keto and the famous “Bullet Proof” coffees are served as well as traditional Chinese “Longevity herbal Gin”.  For Lo Carb participants who enjoy wine, a dry organic red wine is available as a preferred choice.

The Event is also open to non-residents.  Pre-booking is essential as limited spaces are available and the Menu is freshly prepared.

What is Keto?

Very briefly, this strongly anti-inflammatory diet uses “clean” non processed, gluten free, organic fat rich foods with very low complex carbohydrates with minimal lectins. The diet provides the body with essential fatty acids. The body utilizes clean burning ketones as a high energy food vs. glucose oxidative pathways. Although Keto type diets were recorded pre 500 BC, (mainly to treat epilepsy and inflammatory conditions), over the last 100 years it regained medical interest (Mayo Clinic) and  over the last 15 years the diet has been advocated by a growing number of Naturopathic doctors for successfully combating a wide range of common inflammatory diseases/premature aging.


If you have a health condition, particularly a metabolic/diabetic disorder, it is sensible to consult your health provider prior to the event. As a generalisation, blood glucose levels and blood pressure are inclined to reduce and, when adopted over an extended period will fall significantly.

Event costs are;

Residents:                        Surcharge of pounds 45.00

Non-residents:                pounds 95.00